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  • Simon Deutsch begins his pattern business with little more than a philosophy: Quality Service to Industry.

    Deutsch is awarded a lucrative contract with the A.O. Smith Company and soon expanded to 35 men. Production continued throughout the years and weathered the Great Depression.

    The company is honored with the Army-Navy "E" Award, an honor presented to company during World War II for excellence in production of war equipment.

    Simon's two sons, Harry and Richard, join the company and the company officially becomes "Deutsch and Sons."

    Deutsch & Sons expands its facilities to make the transition from the receding pattern making field to the current industry need for quality working prototypes.

    After the passing of his father and brother, Harry Deutsch becomes responsible for maintaining the high standards of the family business.

    Harry's son, Dave, joins the company.

    After over 50 years with the company, Harry retires and Dave assumes responsibility of Deutsch & Sons.

    Deutsch & Sons enters its 4th generation when Dave's son, Taylor, joins the company. The father-son team continues to operate Deutsch & Sons with its original founding philosophy: Quality Service to Industry.